Environmental work at


Our goal is to continuously and consistently develop our operations to a more environmentally friendly direction.

Sannäs Manor´s environmental policy

Sannäs Manor actions and environmental work are guided in particular by three starting points and principles.

The historic Sannäs Manor environmental work is carried out by upholding the old and by developing the modern opportunities. Buildings in the manor area date from the 18th century to the 1980s. They will be renovated in a timely manner and in required range, retaining as much of the original as possible, but improving, among other things, energy efficiency. We meet today’s needs, for example, by offering modern meeting technology and good remote connections, which enable our guests to attend meetings even further away.

In Sannäs Manor’s restaurant and conference catering, we invest especially in minimizing food waste through good planning and anticipation of orders and cooking. We are actively adding products from the local producers and from organic origin to our selection. Planning, anticipation and, if necessary, a flexible response is also reflected in our meeting and accommodation operations, for example by scheduling and limiting heating and lighting to the buildings and premises that are in use in any given time.

Fulfilling our customers’ wishes is also at the heart of our operations in environmental matters. In 2020, we surveyed customers’ expectations of a sustainably functioning conference hotel through a survey conducted in collaboration with an educational institution. Customers’ wishes have been heard, among other things, in strengthening the vegetarian food offer at our restaurant, as well as in setting up charging points for electric cars. In the future, we will develop in particular the interactive communication of environmental issues with customers.

Sannäs Manor’s environment and responsibility examples for season 2022-2023

Green Key

Sannäs Manor has been awarded a Green Key certificate to demonstrate responsible and environmentally friendly business actions. Green Key is an international accommodation certificate, which promotes developing of sustainable tourism in more than 65 countries. Companies with the certificate must meet strict quality criteria, e.g. by reducing environmental pressures such as water and energy consumption, increasing staff and guest environmental awareness, recycling and encouraging towards ecological transport modes.

More information about Green Key can be found at https://www.greenkey.global