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The Secret Army Rehearses Again (90–120 min)

This army-inspired team competition requires a good sense of humour and team spirit! The trainers of the famous Secret Army put to the test the teams’ communication and reasoning skills, ability to react, and precision, as well as brutal hand-to-hand combat preparedness. The activity can include, among other things,

  • Shooting – teams of 5 people fire laser weapons into flying pucks or reversing targets. Guns don’t kick and firing sounds echo from the speakers on the scoreboard.
  • Bomb demolition – the teams deactivate the briefcase bomb by performing five different tasks in the right order.
  • Self-defense – a ‘brutal’ combat master with a black belt bender reveals the secrets of hand-to-hand combat, and participants have a chance to experience some efficient gripping techniques…
  • Knife tossing – precision throwing with real throwing knives, might appear easy at a first glance…
  • Skills testing – throwing exercise with stick grenades, catapult shooting, flag communication.

Suitable for 15–75 persons.

Manor Olympics (90–150 min)

The Olympics don’t need to mean gritting one’s teeth, instead it can be a relaxed, and fun event. The points include activities such as safe and modern laser shooting, velcro ball golf, Brain Teasers game and Bigfoot team skiing race/march with 2-metre giant stilts.

Suitable for 15–200 persons.

Polar Games (90–120 min)

Based on traditional winter sports, Polar Games is a fun and brisk outdoor team activity, where you roll a colourful giant ball on the obstacle and mission tracks, shoot snowballs with a giant catapult at the target, ski as a team with long plank skis and test your memory. Dress according to weather. Possibility to book a backup program indoors for extra cost.

Suitable for 15-60 persons.