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Disciplinary Company (1–1,5 h)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a part of a special task force? Would you have what it takes? What about your team? Now it is time to find out! The very sincere ex pros of Tuonela´s task force will let you in on the secrets about their training in a intensive course, that might teach you or at least amuse you.
The army spirited training does not require a good psychical shape but mind strength and the skill to keep yourself from laughing is very much needed. Welcome to the disciplinary company!

Suitable for 1-40 participants.

One for all, all for one (1,5-2 h)

A team competition that is full of teamwork! The group is divided into smaller teams that performs various tasks at different check points. At every check point there is always several teams competing at the same time, so laughter is guaranteed! You might break a sweat, all the task requires some amount of movement, but the focus is on teamwork, not exercise!

Suitable for 15-320 participants.

The Manor´s yard games (60-75 min)

A fun aiming & target shooting competition with Laser Trap – clay disc shooting, Fun Golf – sticker ball golf, British Crown Darts – Giant Darts game. For bigger groups more games can be included.

Suitable for 15-45 participants

Rabbit Race (90 min)

Rabbit Race is an adventure puzzle game in the spirit of Amazing Race, where teams compete against each other. The tasks and puzzles are extremely diverse, and the skills of all team members are needed when the players are released to compete around the premises. The focus is on problem solving and having fun, but you can never predict what rabbits the pull out of our hats for you to chase!
Game concept is created in a way that it enables teams, work communities and party groups to boost their communication skills.
Rabbit Race can be played in or outdoors.
The best team will be rewarded with the bragging rights for one year!

For 15-100 players

Crime Scene (90 min)

A suspicious crime has taken place at the hotel and the reputation of the Helsinki Police Department is starting to be at stake. A field unit has arrived to share their mission with you! Can your team rise to the occasion?
Crime Scene is a “field day” for someone who is a fan of police series! A game where your team can use their collaborative skills to analyse a challenging crime case that opens up by solving puzzles, interrogating suspects and gathering evidence.
Crime Scene is a perfect game for a team building events, recreation days, birthdays and basically anytime you want to gather a group of people over a fun story and creative puzzles that make you want to step outside of that box!

For 15-100 players