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Porvoo is full of history and atmosphere. People travel here to enjoy great food and the abundant cultural offerings, and to experience the charm of Old Porvoo.

We listed 7 top attractions in Porvoo and in the vicinity of Sannäs Manor.

The most popular places to visit in Porvoo are less than a 10-minute drive away from the Manor.

Sannäs Manor, as well as its surrounding nature, offer a variety of activities. Read more about activities offered by us here.


1. Old Porvoo

The historical Old Porvoo is one of Finland’s most popular destinations. Famous for its red riverside granary warehouses, narrow cobblestone pathways and colourful wooden houses, Porvoo attracts more than a million tourists from around the world annually. Old Porvoo is also famous for its high-class restaurants and quaint little shops. Don’t forget to take a lovely promenade along the river and in the parks!

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2. Porvoo Art Factory

Porvoo Art Factory, built in a former plywood factory, is the scene for various high-level concerts, theatre performances and events throughout the year. The Taidehalli Art Hall houses changing art exhibitions, a permanent exhibition consisting of works from Yrjö A. Jäntti’s art collection, as well as a museum shop. The building also houses Biorex cinema. (biorex.fi/biorex-porvoo/)

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Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1, Porvoo


3. Porvoo Tours

See the best of Porvoo on a guided tour. Porvoo Tours organises a variety of city bus tours, city walks, archipelago cruises, nature excursions, tours in the countryside, as well as a selection of theme and drama tours. During the guided tours you will listen to stories and have wonderful experiences. You will see Porvoo from another angle and learn interesting facts about the town’s main attractions.

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4. Golf courses in Porvoo and Loviisa

Sannäs Manor is an excellent choice for accommodation for golf lovers. In the surrounding area there are four golf courses: Porvoo Golf (8 km), Virvik Golf (14 km), Seagolf Rönnäs (18 km), and Kullo Golf Club (25 km). The golf courses are varied in shape, difficulty and landscape, located in beautiful urban landscape, amidst nature and by the sea.






5. Brunberg

The most delicious place to visit in Porvoo is the shop of the 140-year-old Brunberg chocolate factory. The Brunberg shops are located in Old Porvoo and at the factory site. In the shops you will find the legendary suklaasuukko sweet treats (chocolate-coated marshmallows treats), truffles, licorice sweets and marmalades in bigger bags and with better prices than elsewhere. As a delicious bonus, there is plenty of tasters on offer in each shop!

Brunberg Shop Old Porvoo, Välikatu 4, Porvoo

Brunberg Factory Shop, Teollisuustie 19 B, Porvoo



6. Bosgård Ecological Farm

At Bosgård Manor, you will have the chance to learn about the daily life at the farm, take walks in the nature and culture paths in the Natura 2000 area, experience the diverse nature of the traditional landscape, explore the location of the castle in the 1300’s. Top off your visit with a shopping spree in the Farm Shop or a delicious meal at the restaurant serving locally grown food. Bosgård Farm is just a five-minute drive away from Sannäs Manor.

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7. Malmgård Ecological Farm and Dutch new renaissance inspired Manor House

Malmgård is a more than 400 years old Manor House situated in Loviisa, approximately 20 kilometres from Sannäs Manor. Malmgård specialises in ecological farming and brewing. The breathtaking Manor House is a private home, in which group tours are arranged during the summer. The Farm Shop and Brewery are open all year round.

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Malmgård 47, Malmgård