Kick off


Sannäs Manor is a versatile organizer of recreational days and kick-offs. We offer diverse spaces, gorgeous surroundings and high-quality catering, sauna with indoor pool, a lot of different activities as well as accommodation for as many as 174 persons.

Here at Sannäs you stay together the whole day as a group. We make sure that you get your needed privacy and own space.

Our professional staff helps you from start to end in planning the perfect kick off for your team. Contact us for more information!

Kick off activities

A kick-off is an event that should bring people together and strengthen the team spirit. This can best be achieved through inspiring activities.

What kind of action suits your team the best?

From Sannäs Manor´s selection of activities you can find relaxing and low key things to do together, for example a walk around the  Manor´s own nature path, yoga in the garden och SUP paddle boarding on the River Ilola.

We also arrange team building activities such as Olympic games, Down Hill Formula races, escape competitions or team orienteering.

You can also take part in unforgettable, a little bit more peculiar kick-off activities, such as Spectre´s challenge – where you save the whole world or in Yoga & Bubbly where you do yoga while balancing a glass in one hand.

For night time activities we recommend for example the elegant Casino Night at our Manor or maybe a murder mystery? Or maybe you would like to relax in our traditional sauna and take a swim in our indoor pool?

Get to know our selection of activities here. If you can’t find a suitable activity for your kick-off, please contact us and let us help!