Evening activities

A successful evening programme completes successful celebrations, meetings, and recreation days. We organise a memorable evening programme for our guests in the historic Sannäs Manor or in a more relaxed setting in the Cellar Bar or in our hotel meeting rooms.

Poker School (120 min)

A highly-reviewed poker school for beginners and card sharks alike. During a stylish game night, we will explore the rules and basic strategies of Texas Hold’em, which will be followed by a gentlemanly poker tournament. Poker night with background music is the perfect choice for an entertaining evening. Poker school takes place at the Manor Restaurant.

Suitable for 1–30 persons.

Murder Mystery

A murder mystery is by no means a deadly serious event but fun and participatory activity, where guests can show their true colours with no serious consequences. The activity can be tailored for both corporate parties and for private events. It can be arranged for events of 10 to 200 persons. We promise to offer our guests an unforgettable evening and a shared experience to remember. The service is provided by Tuoni Studiot, email: [email protected], tel. +358 44 333 7235/+358 44 333 7238.

Casino Night (approx. 120 min)

Casino Night introduces participants to different Casino games. Participation does not require prior knowledge of the games, a twinkle in your eye is all you need. Casino Night is suitable for an informal occasion or as a theme to guide the entire evening. The casino experience is complete with professional croupiers, gaming tables and equipment, and the appropriate ambiance with music. When the Casino opens its doors, each participant is given chips to be used in the Casino games. At the end of the night, whoever collected the most chips will naturally be crowned king/queen of the night with appropriate ceremonies and diplomas. Casino Night takes place at the Manor Restaurant.

Suitable for 20–40 persons.

Fat Pancho´s Cantina – Ay caramba! – What a fiesta! Yoga & Bubbly (45–70 min)

The Clan Chief Fat Pancho has convened the other clans in the area. The secret cantina offers drinks as well as fun games collected by Fat Pancho from all over the world. The activities include gallop game, soccer, shooting, reaction time testing, drumming and muchos other things to do. During the night, pesos are collected from the games and in the end we count the money to see how much the members of the clan were able to collect in total. The activities are selected in advance out of dozens of options.

Suitable for 40–250 persons.

Spelishow – Speden Spelit live! (45–70 min)

Spelishow is a fun activity based on a former popular Finnish tv game show format developed and hosted by director and producer, comedian, TV personality Spede Pasanen (1930–2001), in which the participants themselves are headliners! An actor-impersonator and a co-hostess host the show and invite the contestants from different teams to the stage. The contestants get to play nearly ten different games (‘speli’). The winning team of each game is awarded a colourful ball. The team with more balls in the end is announced winner. The activity is suitable for all. Some of the group can play while others are watching.

Suitable for 15–40 persons.