Sports activities

Exercise has an all-round effect on health, it connects people to one another, frees endorphins – and is fun!

At Sannäs Manor, you can take part in exciting team games or orienteering, play good old yard games, break a sweat on a Mover Body & Balance wellness class, play ball games, or do yoga.

We also have our own modern gym and a spacious sports hall where you can play tennis and floorball.

Discover our own nature trail or play a round of disc golf!

Flaghunt – A Sporty flag hunting game (120–150 min)

In flaghunt, players search for virtual flags using Mini iPads. The team is awarded points at each flag point in real time. Knowing the score just adds to the excitement. Players can even trick their competitors. Flaghunt is a Finnish sporty award-winning innovation that everyone can play regardless of their physical condition. The game is played in pairs or in groups of three. Both tablets and walkie-talkies are used.

Up to 200 persons can participate at a time!

Mover Body & Balance (45–60 min)

Mover Body & Balance is a wellness class that focuses on the deep muscles, relaxing and stretching the muscles, and increasing mobility. This peaceful, pleasant and beneficial class is suitable for everyone! The class is instructed by a physiotherapist.

Mover Basic (45–60 min)

Mover Basic is a versatile keep-fit class suitable for all fitness levels and ages. The aim is to strengthen the whole body and increase your heart rate enough to make you sweat. This energetic and effective class consists of warm-up, muscle toning exercises and a quick stretching routine.

Wellness workout (10–30 min)

If you spend most of your day sitting or working in static positions, your body and mind long for movement and energy. Wellness Workout is a great way to cheer up during a workday, training or a long day at a trade fair. Wellness workout focuses on preventing and relieving neck and back problems. Just a fifteen-minute workout works wonders – the duration and style of the workouts are always tailored to your needs.

Mover Ball (60–90 min)

Mover ball is a fun and lively team game, involving a moving goal that makes it twice as hard to put the ball in – but also twice as fun! The game can be played in an enclosed area outdoors or indoor sports facilities.

Mover Dance (45–60 min)

Mover Dance is an engaging and pleasant dance class. The class consists of a warm-up that increases mobility as well as short or long dance choreographies. The choreography is structured either around individual songs or gradually built throughout the class. The class ends with a peaceful cool-down and stretching.

Mover Fun & Play (90–120 min)

Mover Fun & Play is an exercise in the world of fun and games. The program includes four active control points. Each point has its own instructor. At exercise-based points the participants get to test their coordination (mölkky (traditional Finnish throwing game), Mover Ball or throwing sports), balance (yard parkour or walking track), agility (hopscotch, Mover Hoop or traditional Finnish yard games), as well as footwork and fine motor skills. Finally, all participants come together and enjoy a fun 10-minute workout.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP)

SUP boarding is a new easily adopted form of water exercise that is suitable for everyone. It is an easy and fun way to improve your condition and get an excellent whole body workout. SUP stand up paddle boarding takes place on the River Ilola. Choose from the following options: SUP Outdoor Basic (60–90 min), SUP Outdoor Canoeing tour (90–120 min), SUP Yoga or SUP Pilates (45–60 min).