SAFE meetings at Sannäs manor


Sannäs Manor´s COVID-19 instructions


Safe meetings at Sannäs manor

Many of our customers are wondering if it safe to book a conference- or recreational day due to the COVID-19 situation? Here at Sannäs Manor we have taken action to assure that it is safe to visit us. 

  • We take extra care in the cleaning and hygiene. Hand sanitizing spots are densely placed. 
  • Our staff use face masks in customer service situations
  • We hope that also our customer will use  face masks when visiting us. If you have forgotten your face masks at home, you can, depending on availability, buy face masks from us.
  • Our conference rooms are in separate buildings, which minimizes meeting other groups.
  • Our restaurant is only open for pre-ordered groups which gives us the opportunity to place all groups in their own cabinets in the restaurant, also at breakfast.  We also adjust the arriving time to the restaurant so that we can assure that safety distance can be kept and minimize the risk of meetings between groups.
  • We inform and remind all our guest about safety distance, hand hygiene and other procedures.
  • Our staff only arrive to work when healthy. We hope that our guests do the same. 
  • Our control plan for actions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus can be seen on place by our guests. (in Finnish) 
  • We actively follow how the situation is progressing and are prepared to change our procedures accordingly.
  • Our sales department and our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have. Together we can plan your event so that you feel good and safe during your visit. 

Welcome to Sannäs Manor!

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