Relaxing activities

Relax and bring more creativity into your day. Sannäs Manor organizes a variety of wellness-enhancing activities both outdoors (in the park and out in the nature) and indoors.

Below you will find some of our wellness activities.

Discover the unique nature and manor park of Sannäs, our nature trail and our disc golf course!

Park Yoga at Sannäs Manor (60 min)

Deep forest™ Yoga is a gentle and caring Hatha Yoga class that stretches, reinforces and balances your body and mind. The class consists of easy movements, listening to your body and reshaping yourself to fit into the nature. To finish the yoga session, we relax on yoga mats, listening to the sounds of nature.  The class is suitable for everyone, including first-timers and those who feel stiff.  We recommend wearing flexible and warm clothes. The instructor will provide yoga mats. Group size max. 20 persons.

Yoga & Bubbly (45–60 min)

Do you need a breakaway with good friends? In this class, we do yoga movements and sequences while holding a glass of bubbly in one hand. Allow the focus to shift away from your body and enjoy good company, great music, and stretching yoga movements. We move in a way that is suitable for our own body. We end the class with a peaceful relaxation and a sip of that bubbly.

Be at One with Nature Practise – calm your mind in peaceful forest (60–120 min)

During the exercise, you will learn skills to help you slow down and calm your mind. The exercises are carried out in a natural environment or park and can be held between sessions during a meeting or training day. The activity is suitable for individual and group coaching – whether a group of colleagues or friends. The instructor provides concrete ways to activate your senses in everyday life. You will enhance your connection to nature and calm your mind. Your senses will open up and you will experience peace as you become one with nature.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Relaxation (60 min)

Tibetan singing bowl relaxation is a convenient and simple way to relax. Harmonious high tones make the body and mind relax and stress levels decrease. During the singing bowl relaxation, you lie on a mat or sit in a comfortable position. The class starts with a brief introduction, followed by relaxation and final discussion.

Mover Body & Balance (45–60 min)

Mover Body & Balance is a wellness class that focuses on the deep muscles, relaxing and stretching the muscles, and increasing mobility. This peaceful, pleasant and beneficial class is suitable for everyone! The class is instructed by a physiotherapist.

Wellness Workout (10–30 min)

If you spend most of your day sitting or working in static positions, your body and mind long for movement and energy. Wellness Workout is a great way to cheer up during a workday, training or a long day at a trade fair. Wellness workout focuses on preventing and relieving neck and back problems. You can enhance your well-being in just 15 minutes! The duration and style of the workouts are always tailored to your needs.

Wellness Lectures

Our engaging speakers are experts in the fields of nutrition, physiotherapy, and stress management. Lectures can be arranged as briefings or a longer program activity. The topics include physical exercise to support coping at work, nutrition and weight management with the help of a balanced diet, strength and vitality in everyday life, metabolic syndrome and obesity, sleep & stress management, and I love me – learn to know and love yourself. We also organise mindfulness moments, which include concentration exercises, calming down and being in the moment, and digging deeper into what is important.