Our story


“It was love at first sight.

It was a cloudy and grey March day, when we first arrived in Sannäs Manor.

The two of us are old family friends, and had been talking about setting up and running a business together. We were thinking of a small cafe or shop – not even dreaming of anything this big. But when we visited this place we completely fell in love with it. The spirit here is incredible and the possibilities nearly endless. We started tossing ideas around about the potential of the place.

This would be the perfect place for us!

Back home we were appalled with the to-do list, but even more than that, we were scared of missing the opportunity.

With every visit to Sannäs, we became more and more convinced that we had made the right decision. The spirit of Sannäs Manor is something you need to experience.

We were infatuated with the fact that the Manor consists of buildings from different eras, each representing the glamour of its era. The buildings are strongly built and have really stood the test of time.

Even though we both had previous experience of entrepreneurship, this specific business field was completely new to us. That is why we really appreciated the fact that Sannäs Manor came with a competent staff. (Meet our people)

Sannäs Manor was sold to investment company Planvest Ltd. in 2018, and the manor’s hotel and restaurant services as well as the meeting and conference services were transferred to Sannäsin Kartanolaiset Ltd.

We are honoured to have the chance to cherish the unique atmosphere of the stunning old setting.

From the bottom of our hearts we hope that you will fall in love with Sannäs Manor like we have.

Looking forward to welcoming you! “

Tuula Kyöstilä & Kirsi-Marja Virta

Kirsi-Marja ja Tuula_meidän tarinamme